• Features:

  • Weather and time of day

    In the game, there are spells, runes and traps that cause more damage when it is raining. The main character can find several types of tornado scrolls. At night, undead have more health and some characters or heroes, such as the OtherSide, become much stronger. For PvP, there are special structures that are closely tied to the dark time of the day. In addition, some spells that scare enemies are more effective in the dark.

  • Forest

    Even mushrooms and trees have a purpose in your forest. Trees can be used for more than just protection and barriers. They are very important. For every tree in your forest, all your objects, including the main character, can evade physical damage by a certain percentage. Mushrooms affect the ability to evade magic damage. Many heroes become stronger next to trees or mushrooms, and some can even heal themselves by destroying trees. Important: Remember that if the number of trees in your forest falls below 30, you will lose the game and have to start over.

  • Improve and destroy

    Anything in your forest can be destroyed or improved. You can improve anything in your forest after each enemy raid, from trees, mushrooms, and buildings to heroes and creatures. During battles, when a creature is directly involved in the fighting, it gains experience. Your creatures and heroes, as well as your main character gain levels in this manner. They gain 5 skill points for each level and possibly even new abilities. What you can improve: speed ,defense, magic defense, damage, magic damage, health, range

  • Heroes

    At the moment, the game has 8 heroes and 3 higher creatures, similar in nature to heroes, but do not require any resources (creatures or heroes). Your heroes, like the rest of your creatures, can gain experience in combat. They acquire a new ability at every other level. All characters patrol your forest. The first hero arrives after reaching the fifth level. Heroes: Imp, Otherside, Witch, Orc Traveler, Mishka, Making Money, Kaba and Winterstale.

  • Higher Beings

    Ancient, Evil Mushroom and Warlord. The first two creatures do not require creature resources. If an Ancient is a very expensive creature that costs a large number of resources, Evil Mushroom costs just 50 mushrooms growing in your forest. Also remember that one elder is available to you at the very beginning of the game. the Ancient and Evil Mushroom do not patrol the forest like your heroes and can obey your orders outside of combat. Both have full view of the forest. Accordingly, when battle begins, they attack the closest target. In the case of the Ancient, of course, only if it is awakened. The Warlord is a PvP-exclusive creature. You can summon him only by attacking other's forests.

  • Scrolls, weapons, items, plans...

    All inventory items are divided into six types and all six types are available only during the game session. After killing monsters, certain items often drop. They can be one of six types of resources, mana phials, health or experience, plan for a structure, one-time use magic scroll, summon tornado, trap, or something else. At the moment, there are a just over a hundred items drops in the game.

  • Levels

    At level three, you can select one skill, and improve one skill per each subsequent level. Skills have no order. You can select one you like from the abilities matrix. You will be able to select 13 out of the 40 available skills up to level 15. At level ten, you will discover forest skills. The forest looks at which buildings you build in the forest and decides which path you've chosen: magician, conqueror, or guardian. To automatically select of one path or another, you will receive the last spell 'e' and several abilities/resources. The first five levels will open up all available beginner spells (not including runes and the forest's ability described above). At each level, you will discover new buildings/creatures/traps/special abilities. At level five, the first random hero will come to your forest. If you do not like the hero, then remove him and wait one minute. A new one will come that you may like more. Every fifth level, your pool of heroes grows by one. So, at level fifteen, you will have 3 heroes. Starting from the fifth level, you can attack enemy forests at a cost of one sapphire.

  • PvP

    Upon attacking an enemy forest, you have 200 seconds to destroy all enemy buildings. For each enemy structure, you receive 5 coins and 5 experience. Plus, you get honor points, rating points and other resources for a victory. For a defeat, you will lose honor points and rating. During the attack, you will have 15 unique abilities. So at level five, you will have 5 abilities during an attack. One new ability will unlock with each new level. A PvP building improves your abilities when attacking an enemy forest. There are several buildings and even creatures in the game designed to play only against each other. There are 8 heroes in the hero pool at the moment that you can encounter in your forest. One of the heroes becomes available for attacks on enemy forests for three weeks. This hero is available for attacking an enemy forest: Other Side

    PvP page...
  • Modules

    The game was designed to be endless, so it was created with a modular basis for constant updates. Yes, it is endless. I wanted to create something that can be continuously developed and improved with modular content and new additions.

  • MWFT Insurance:

    If you die or you destroy your forester's main house, then insurers from MWFT will offer you their insurance or to start again. If you have less than 30 trees left, insurance will not be offered.


- A Fully 3D world, where the weather and time of day affects spells from the five schools of magic.
- Every object can be destroyed.
- The storyline is done in an abstract style, thanks to the modular system, and it will tell the main character's long history.
- Maximum character level: 15
- Infinite number of raids.
- More than one hundred unique monsters. From invisible characters that attack only your character and monsters that hunt livestock to powerful, inimitable bosses. There are also heavy artillery from ground catapults, cemeteries and other structures.
- A hardcore game essence, where your death, the loss of your forester's home or decay of the trees in your forest will cause you to lose levels or even to the irreversible death of your character.
- Huge number of traps, buildings, trees, mushrooms, animals and creatures.
- Living forest with neutral birds and beasts.
- 8 heroes, 3 higher beings, 1 main character
- Any objects that your protagonist builds or buys can be improved.
- Werewolves equipped with a learning system, so information about their deaths, who killed them, etc., will be saved in the database and these monsters will use it to improve their abilities.
- PvP attack and destroy other players' forests. Use your magic and 15 unique abilities to attack other players' forests.
- A huge number of skills will help you to diversify not only your forest, but your character as well.
- Rating system.